Transloading Carbon Black:

Transloading carbon black involves the transfer of carbon black from one mode of packing to another or from one small container to a bigger container. Carbon black is a fine, pelletized form of carbon that is often used as a reinforcing filler in rubber and plastic products, as well as in inks and paints. The transloading process is commonly used when carbon black needs to be moved from one type of container (e.g., bags, drums, or bulk containers) to another or when it needs to be transferred between different transportation methods such as railcars, trucks, or ships.


 Transloading carbon black requires specialized equipment and procedures to ensure that the material is handled safely, efficiently, and without contamination while keeping lot integrity & traceability. Proper handling and storage of carbon black are essential to maintain its quality and prevent potential health and safety risks associated with fine particulate materials. Companies involved in the production and transportation of carbon black must adhere to strict safety and environmental regulations to ensure the responsible handling of this material during transloading processes.

Intertex Transloading Services opened 2014 in Monks Corner, South Carolina. The facility is 105,000 square feet and located on 10 acres of property. This allows for flexibility and scalability to accommodate increasing business needs and expansion opportunities. We offer a comprehensive range of services related to carbon black and warehouse management. These services include:

Intertex Transloading Services warehouse management system is ISO Registered – 9001:2008

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Warehouse Services:

provide warehousing solutions, which may include storage, inventory management, and handling of carbon black and other products.

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Unloading and Loading:

specializes in the efficient unloading and loading of carbon black and other materials.


Storage of Carbon Black:

We offer secure storage facilities for carbon black, ensuring it is stored safely and in compliance with relevant regulations.


Maintaining Lot Integrity:

Maintaining the integrity of product lots is essential, especially in industries where product quality and consistency are critical.


Loading of Hopper Trucks from Super Sacks:

We handle the loading of hopper trucks from super sacks, ensuring proper and efficient transfer of materials.


Bill of Lading and Shipping Documents:

We assist in preparing the necessary shipping documentation, including bills of lading, to facilitate the smooth transport of goods.


Eco-Friendly Disposal of Waste Super Sacks/Skids:

Proper disposal of waste materials, such as super sacks and skids, is essential for environmental responsibility.


Inventory Management:

We manage inventory ensuring accurate records and efficient stock control.


Cleaning of Containers:

Cleaning and maintaining containers are vital for ensuring the quality and safety of stored materials.