Carbon black

is a crucial component in the manufacture of rubber products, where it is primarily used as a reinforcing filler. When added to rubber compounds, carbon black imparts various desirable properties, making rubber products more durable, resilient, and long-lasting. Here are some ways carbon black is used in rubber products.

Key Characteristics:


Carbon black reinforces rubber by increasing its tensile strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance. This reinforcement is especially important in applications where the rubber needs to withstand mechanical stress, such as in tires, conveyor belts, and automotive components.

Wear Resistance:

The addition of carbon black enhances a rubber product’s resistance to wear and abrasion. This is particularly important in tires, where carbon black helps improve the longevity and performance of the tire tread.

UV Protection:

Carbon black in rubber compounds provides protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation, helping to prevent rubber degradation caused by sunlight. This is crucial in outdoor applications, like automotive tires and weather seals.

Electrical Conductivity:

Certain types of carbon black can be used to make conductive rubber products, such as antistatic mats, conveyor belts, and electrical insulating materials. These products dissipate static electricity and prevent electrical discharge.


Carbon black serves as a black pigment in rubber compounds, giving rubber products a deep black color. This is important for aesthetic reasons and is commonly seen in tires, footwear, and various rubber goods.

Reinforcement Types:

Carbon black comes in different grades, and the choice of grade can affect the properties of the rubber. Common grades include N100, N200, N300, and N500, which differ in terms of particle size, structure, and surface area.

Process Types:

The way carbon black is incorporated into the rubber compound can also impact the final product’s properties. Common processes include dry mixing and wet dispersion.

Common Uses
of Carbon Black:

Conveyor Belts

Hoses and Gaskets
Automotive Components
Seals and Weather Stripping
Carbon black plays a crucial role in the rubber industry, enabling the production of robust and durable rubber products that are essential in a wide range of applications.