About Us

Intertex World Resources, INC.


Intertex World Resources, Inc. was established in 1990, with a clear mission to make an indelible mark in the rubber industry while setting a benchmark for exceptional customer service. For over three decades, we have been a pioneering force, leading the way in innovation and client-centric solutions.

Our journey began with a commitment to delivering quality and value, a promise that has never wavered from. We understand that the rubber industry demands precision and reliability, and our unwavering dedication to customer service ensures that our clients receive the highest level of support and satisfaction.

Intertex World Resources, Inc. has earned a reputation for fostering strong, lasting relationships with our valued clients. We believe that trust is at the core of any successful business partnership, and we work diligently to build and maintain that trust. Every challenge is an opportunity for us to showcase our creativity and resourcefulness, and our dedication to surpassing your expectations is our driving force.

As we celebrate over three decades of success in the rubber industry, our commitment to superior customer service remains the cornerstone of our business. We are proud of our journey thus far and are excited about the future, where we look forward to continuing to serve and support our clients with excellence and innovation. At Intertex World Resources, Inc., we are not just a part of the rubber industry; we are a part of your success story.

Why Choose Intertex as your partner:

Choosing Intertex World Resources, Inc. as your partner in the synthetic elastomer industry is a decision rooted in sound reasoning. Here are the key reasons why we make an exceptional choice:

One-Stop Shop for Synthetic Elastomers and Complimentary Products:

Intertex World Resources, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of synthetic elastomers and complementary products. This means that you can streamline your procurement process by sourcing all your elastomer needs from a single, reliable supplier. We simplify your supply chain, saving you time and effort.

Consistent Product Availability:

We understand the importance of maintaining production schedules and minimizing downtime. Our commitment to consistent product availability means that you can rely on us to have the materials you need when you need them. This reliability is a testament to our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

Simple yet Effective Logistics and Delivery:

Our logistics and delivery processes are designed to be hassle-free and efficient. We recognize that your time is valuable, and we ensure that your orders are delivered on time, every time. Our streamlined logistics system helps you keep your operations running smoothly.

Valuable Market Intelligence:

Intertex World Resources, Inc. doesn’t just supply materials; we also provide valuable market intelligence. Our team stays updated with industry trends and insights, enabling us to offer you valuable information that can inform your decision-making processes. We’re not just a supplier; we’re a partner in your business growth.

Material Consulting Services:

Our material consulting services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need guidance on choosing the right synthetic elastomer for your application or assistance in optimizing your material usage, our experts are here to assist you. We aim to be more than just a vendor; we’re your trusted advisor in the synthetic elastomer industry.

In summary, Intertex World Resources, Inc. is the partner of choice because we offer comprehensive range of synthetic elastomers and related products, guarantee consistent product availability, simplify your logistics and delivery processes, provide valuable market intelligence, and offer material consulting services. We are committed to your success and are ready to support your endeavors in the synthetic elastomer industry.

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Atlanta, GA
Akron, OH
Charleston, SC
Dallas, TX
Nashville, TN
Stamford, CT
Thessaloniki, Greece
Hong Kong, China
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