Why Customers Choose Intertex
Intertex provides a critical link in the supply chain delivering superior value to both suppliers and customers
Intertex is more than just a distributor. We are a strategic sourcing partner. Through a combination of scale, breadth of product and range of services, we help customers reduce material costs and improve cash flow.
  • One-stop shop - We offer the widest range of synthetic elastomers and complimentary products in the industry, allowing customers to consolidate purchasing and reduce order complexity.
  • Consistent product availability - Longstanding relationships with leading suppliers means customers can depend on Intertex, even for products that are in tight supply globally.
  • Simple, efficient logistics and delivery - We offer clients highly flexible delivery terms - often just-in-time - direct from our numerous North American warehouses. Multiple products can be consolidated into a single container. We eliminate the need to manage a complex, international supply chain.
  • Valuable market intelligence - With over 30 years of experience and relationships around the globe, Intertex is able to help customers make informed purchasing decisions that reduce costs and inventory levels.
  • Material consulting services - Customers capitalize on our significant technical knowledge in the selection of the specific product grade most suitable for their applications. In many cases, we are able to recommend alternatives that can reduce production costs.

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