Whole Tire Reclaim
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Whole Tire Reclaim and Natural Rubber Reclaim is a proven source of cost reduction in many applications. Intertex has several sources of these products and the experience to make them work for you. Whole Tire Reclaim is the devulcanized polymer product from scrap tires. Our Natural Rubber Reclaim is produced by devulcanizing scrap latex products (surgical gloves, etc.). Here is one way you can be environmentally conscious and financially responsible at the same time.

If you would like to explore these economical alternatives in your compounds, your Intertex representative will be pleased to assist you.

Mooney viscosity ML 1+4 (100°C) 20-37

Ash content, wt. % max. 5

Physical appearance Solid, 13 - 18 kg Bales

Specific Gravity 1.0 +/- 0.2 gr./cm. cu.

Color Black

Volatiles, max, 2 hr at 70°C, %


Acetone Extract, %, max 28

Rubber Hydrocarbon, % max 40

13 -18 kilogram bales packed on pallets. Approx. 450 kg. net weight per pallet.
Guaranteed storage life: 12 months

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