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Intertex World Resources offers a full line of Naphthenic, Paraffinic, and Aromatic process oils through our subsidiary Resource Sales, Inc.   Acquired in 2008, Resource Sales has over 20 years experience marketing process oils to the rubber industry.  All products are offered in bulk truck, rail cars, drums, and totes.  We also offer trans-loading services. 

Paraffinic Oils
Paraffinic oils are produced using either solvent extraction (Group 1) or hydrocracking (Group II). Our Group I paraffinic oils have high flash points, good color stability, low volatility, and a saturate level of 70 – 90%.  We offer viscosity ranges from 60 SUS @ 100F all the way to Bright Stock.  Group II paraffinic oils are low in color, odor and volatility, but are high in stability. Our Group II oils are typically water-white in color.

Naphthenic Oils
Naphthenic oils are produces using severe Hydrotreating which saturates aromatic oil molecules and converts them to naphthenes or paraffins providing low volatility and high solvency and good color stability. Our Naphthenic oils are offered in a broad range of viscosities from 100 SUS @ 100° F to 2400 SUS @ 100° F.  

Aromatic Oils
Our Aromatic Extracts are ASTM type 101 and 102 process oils with a high level of aromatics, low aniline and high flash points.  We also offer an unlabeled aromatic oil alternative that meets all requirements set forth by the European Union.

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